Business Complex


Size 3x3 tiles
Floors 4-14
Required Energy 15 Energy
Initial Cost 33 CountryBucks
Required Professionals Entrepreneur

Profits (on full upgrade)Edit

Short Contract Standard Contract Long-Term Contract
Time 06:00 min 30:00 min 01:00 hrs
Income 90,977.5 GameDollars 272,932.5 GameDollars 545,865 GameDollars
Costs 54,586.5 GameDollars 163,759.5 GameDollars 327,519 GameDollars
Profit 36,391 GameDollars 109,173 GameDollars 218,346 GameDollars
Profit per hour 363,910 GameDollars 218,346 GameDollars 218,346 GameDollars

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