Era Population Eco Building Required Venture Completed
Small Village 0 0 None None
Large Village 120 120 Taxi Stand Landscaping
Urbanized Village 200 160 Driving School Home Builder
Neighborhood 350 500 Diesel Bus Terminal Room to Grow
Regional Center 400 750 Bus Terminal Shrubbery!
Young City 450 1,000 Electric Bus Terminal Expansion
Era Unlocked structures
Residential Business Industry Ecology Energy
Small Village None None None None None
Large Village Foursquare Home
Brick High-Rise
Mid-Modern Flats
Corporate Center
Police Station
English Garden (small)
French-Style Park (small)
Urbanized Village Modest Apartments
Modern Condos
Suburban Home
City Hotel
Business Complex
Fire Station French-Style Park (medium)
Big Oak
Antique Fountain
Neighborhood Industrial Lofts
Luxury Apartments
High-Rise Condos
Luxury Home
Office Complex
Drive-In Theater
Hospital None Thermal Power Station
Regional Center Comfy Apartments
British-Style Home
American Home
Bowling Alley
Gas Station
None City Fountain Power Plant
Young City Chicago-Style house
New Yorker
Spacious Condominiums
Stock Exchange
Cinema Megaplex
Fire Department None Off-Shore Windmill

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