The following Professionals show up in the game:

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Professional Item #1 Item #2 Item #3 Hire and Receive Hire Me
Bowling Dude Bowling Dude Bowling Ball Bowling Pin Bowling Shoes 15 XP 20 CountryBucks
Building Manager Building Manager Monkey Wrench Toolbox Plunger 4 XP 20 CountryBucks
Bus Driver (Bio A) Bus Driver (Bio A) Bus Ticket (20x) Biofuel A-License Green Ticket Punch 19 XP 20 CountryBucks
Bus Driver (Bio B) Bus Driver (Bio B) Bus Ticket (20x) Biofuel B-License Biofuel Bus Driver's Hat 17 XP 20 CountryBucks
Bus Driver (Bio C) Bus Driver (Bio C) Bus Ticket (20x) Biofuel C-License Biodiesel Tank 15 XP 20 CountryBucks
Bus Driver (Diesel A) Bus Driver (Diesel A) Bus Tickets Class A Diesel License Red Ticket Punch 13 XP 20 CountryBucks
Bus Driver (Diesel B) Bus Driver (Diesel B) Bus Tickets Class B Diesel License Diesel Bus Driver's Cap 11 XP 20 CountryBucks
Bus Driver (Diesel C) Bus Driver (Diesel C) Bus Tickets Class C Diesel License Diesel Gas Can 9 XP 20 CountryBucks
Bus Driver (Electric A) Bus Driver (Electric A) Bus Ticket (30x) Electric A-License GPS 25 XP 20 CountryBucks
Bus Driver (Electric B) Bus Driver (Electric B) Bus Ticket (30x) Electric B-License Electric Bus Driver's Hat 23 XP 20 CountryBucks
Bus Driver (Electric C) Bus Driver (Electric C) Bus Ticket (30x) Electric C-License Super Battery 21 XP 20 CountryBucks
Butcher Butcher Work Boots Broom Butcher's knife 11 XP 20 CountryBucks
CEO CEO Telephone File Box Note Pad 5 XP 20 CountryBucks
CNC Machinist CNC Machinist Toolbox Work Gloves Hammer 2 XP 10 CountryBucks
Chopper Pilot Chopper Pilot Digital Watch Pilot Helmet Helicopter Keys 20 XP 20 CountryBucks
Cinema Worker Cinema Worker Popcorn Movie Ticket Roll of Film 15 XP 20 CountryBucks
Delivery Man Delivery Man Notepad Postman's Hat Package 5 XP 20 CountryBucks
Detective Detective Handcuffs Detective's Badge .38 Special 21 XP 20 CountryBucks
Doctor Doctor First Aid Kit Exam Gloves Stethoscope 15 XP 20 CountryBucks
Driver Driver Class C Diesel License Digital Watch Helicopter Keys 14 XP 20 CountryBucks
Driving Instructor Driving Instructor Bus Ticket Digital Watch Screwdriver (5x) 4 XP 20 CountryBucks
Entrepreneur Entrepreneur Folder Mobile Phone Briefcase 2 XP 15 CountryBucks
Factory Worker Factory Worker Monkey Wrench Hard Hat Work Boots 4 XP 20 CountryBucks
Factory Worker(2) Factory Worker(2) Inspector's Hard Hat Digital Watch Open-End Wrench 20 XP 20 CountryBucks
Film Director Film Director Director's Chair Roll of Film Beret 20 XP 20 CountryBucks
Firefighter Firefighter Firefighter's Gloves Firefighter's Mask Oxygen Tank 20 XP 20 CountryBucks
Fleet Mechanic Fleet Mechanic Monkey Wrench Oil Can Tire 15 XP 20 CountryBucks
Florist Florist Watering Can Pruning Shears Flowers 6 XP 20 CountryBucks
Gardener Gardener Pruning Shears Lawn Mower Watering Can 4 XP 5 CountryBucks
Gas Station Attendant Gas Station Attendant Open-End Wrench Toolbox Diesel Gas Can 15 XP 20 CountryBucks
Hotel Manager Hotel Manager Motel Key Old Rotary Phone Little Old TV 15 XP 20 CountryBucks
Housekeeper Housekeeper Yellow Gloves Cleaning Bucket Spray Cleaner 4 XP 20 CountryBucks
Janitor Janitor Broom Trash Can Yellow Gloves 4 XP 20 CountryBucks
Mechanical Engineer Mechanical Engineer Blueprints Notepad Mobile Phone 18 XP 20 CountryBucks
Mounted Officer Mounted Officer Police Helmet Nightstick Megaphone 8 XP 20 CountryBucks
Nurse Nurse Pills Nurse Hat Syringe 6 XP 20 CountryBucks
Opera Singer Opera Singer Movie Ticket Binoculars Mask 20 XP 20 CountryBucks
Organic Chemist Organic Chemist Inspector's Hard Hat Essential Oils Blue Gloves 18 XP 20 CountryBucks
50px Park Caretaker Gardener's Hat Garden Bucket Garden Shovel 12 XP 30 CountryBucks
Patrol Officer Patrol Officer Whistle Police Officer's Hat Police Radio 5 XP 20 CountryBucks
Porter Porter Porter's Cap Room Keys White Gloves 15 XP 20 CountryBucks
Postal Clerk Postal Clerk Packing Tape Package Box Cutter 2 XP 15 CountryBucks
Postmaster Postmaster Envelope Stamps Stamp 12 XP 20 CountryBucks
Quality Engineer Quality Engineer Inspector's Hard Hat Work Boots Candy 9 XP 20 CountryBucks
Realtor Realtor House Keys For Rent Realtor's Card 3 XP 20 CountryBucks
Rental Agent Rental Agent House Keys Welcome Mat Rental Contract 2 XP 15 CountryBucks
Rookie Firefighter Rookie Firefighter Firefighter's Helmet Firefighter's Axe Firefighter's Gloves 10 XP 20 CountryBucks
Scientist Scientist Microscope Blue Reagent Notepad 20 XP 20 CountryBucks
Secret Agent Secret Agent Sunglasses Agent's Fedora Magnifying Glass 22 XP 20 CountryBucks
Secretary Secretary Mobile Phone Envelope File Box 6 XP 20 CountryBucks
TV Producer TV Producer Video Tape Movie Camera Clapboard 20 XP 20 CountryBucks
Taxi Dispatcher Taxi Dispatcher Taxi Radio Microphone City Map 15 XP 20 CountryBucks
Taxi Driver Taxi Driver Taxi Sign GPS Taxi Radio 2 XP 10 CountryBucks
Teacher Teacher Book Chalk Attache Case 4 XP 20 CountryBucks
Tourguide Tourguide City Map Tourguide's Hat Megaphone 15 XP 20 CountryBucks
Waiter Waiter Serving Platter Bow Tie White Gloves 15 XP 20 CountryBucks

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