Size 2X2 tiles
Floors 1
Required Energy 9 Energy
Initial Cost 702,093 GameDollars
20 CountryBucks
Required Professionals Waiter (1x)

Profits (on full upgrade)Edit

Short Contract Standard Contract Long-Term Contract
Time 08:00 min 40:00 min 01:20 hrs
Income 1,650 GameDollars 4,950 GameDollars 9,900 GameDollars
Costs 990 GameDollars 2,970 GameDollars 5,940 GameDollars
Profit 660 GameDollars 1,980 GameDollars 3,960 GameDollars
Profit per hour 4,950 GameDollars 2,970 GameDollars 2,970 GameDollars

Construction StepsEdit

Time Complete Now Complete Now
1/1 00:00 min 702,093 GameDollars CountryBucks

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