Unfortunately, like cheating on a high school exam, this can come with some fairly harsh consequences.

Not unlike reality in this case, I have tried the date cheat. Of course, I became a little over-zealous with realizing the simplicity of this cheat, and am currently a few weeks ahead of the actual in-game time. If you keep reading, I'll explain more of what I mean by the date cheat.

Of course, before continuing on reading below, I must convey that we here at the My Country For Android Wiki do not encourage nor promote the use of cheating in the game. And we can not be held accountable for any loss or harm.

Now that that's out of the way, a wise individual came across this one, and it is fairly ingenious, if you don't overuse it!

First off, open the application, and collect the profits from your buidlings currently awaiting contract renewals / collection. Once you have completed this task, close the app, and go into your settings, and click on the Date & Time icon (Settings/Date & Time). Uncheck the box beside Automatic Date & Time. From hereon in, you can either set the date ahead, or the time ahead. The suggestion made was to move your Android devices' clock ahead by one hour. My thought was to move it ahead according to when I would collect next, either contracts, or residential buildings. Of course, this works like a charm, without any glitches whatsoever. Or so I thought at first.

The problem with this is, the in-game time will not reset itself to the actual time, if you re-check the Automatic Date & Time option.

In conclusion, I would say this is still the easiest cheat for the game, but I would not move the time further than a day at a time, then playing the game with the Automatic Date & Time option checked for two days straight, allowing the game to catch up to itself.

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